Gravely Model L High Hood OEM Style Hinge Pin


Description for the
Gravely Model L High Hood OEM Style Hinge Pin

The Gravely OEM hood hinge pin used a pin and tube design. They made the hinge pin in two parts because of the availability of the tube material at the time of production and therefore was easier to manufacture. The tube material size is no longer available, therefore Gravely has since discontinued the hood hinge as a replacement part and is no longer available.

The hinge pin was designed to be tight in the sheet metal, thus turning in the battery box bracket only. The 1/4" pin should not turn in the hinge tube nor the hood side sheet metal. If the hinge pin trim nuts are allowed to loosen, the hinge pin will vibrate in the mounting hole in the sheet metal, working the hole larger.

Cogan Valley Machine has created an exclusive design functional repair solution for the fore mentioned problem with their High Hood Hinge Repair Kit.

This Cogan Valley Machine produced hinge pin is the equivalent replacement of the OEM hinge pin.

Our version of the OEM high hood hinge pin is made from solid stock with no pin and tube. We use a custom machined set screw threaded into the ends of the hinge pin to secure the hinge pin to the hood. This allows for use of the same trim cap nut thus giving the same look and function as the OEM hinge pin.

This OEM equivalent hinge pin is supplied with the custom set screws and 2 trim cap nuts.

Thank you for your consideration.

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