Gravely Kohler Powered 2 Wheeled Tractor Spring Operated Kick Stand


This is a Cogan Valley Machine exclusive made for Gravely product.

Over the past year, we have been asked a couple of times if we could make a kick stand fashioned after the Walker kick stand that has not been produced for nearly 20 years. These Walker kick stands were a dealer option for the Kohler powered machine at the time of production, but is no longer available.

This Cogan Spring Operated Kick Stand was introduced at the 2010 Mow-In and was met with high interest and brisk sales. In the weeks following, E-bay sales were equally as active.

Description for the Cogan
made for Gravely
Kohler Powered
2 Wheeled Tractor Spring Operated Kick Stand

This Cogan Kick Stand is designed to mount under the 10 & 12 HP Kohler engine oil pan using the same two bolt holes as the rear hitch to allow you to support the weight of the machine while changing attachments. Two longer required bolts are supplied with the stand.

The second production run of these kick stands have been drilled to also fit the 8 HP Kohler and Briggs engine as well.

This Cogan Kick Stand is easier to use than the standard Gravely supplied drop leg because you do not need to reach down to unlock and re-lock the lock bolt to drop the leg. You just use your foot to push the kick stand down and a spring does the work to position the stand. To bring the stand up to the rest position, you just move the machine forward a little while dipping the handle bars. The spring pulls the stand the remainder of the way back up to the rest position tucked under the hitch bar.

These kick stands are supplied painted black, but can be painted over by you to match your machine if you desire. We decided that since the kick stand would get a lot of abuse from the ground, black might be the best paint color choice. The sample pictured in this offering is in primer paint to show more detail.

Some features subject to change without notice for a better design.

Thank you for your consideration.

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