Model L 2 Speed Axle Swift-A-Matic Shift Handle Over Center Spring Guide Pin Kit


Description for the Model L
2 Speed Axle Swift-A-Matic Shift Handle
Over Center Spring Guide Pin Kit

Back Story

Richard's Lawn & Garden of Spencer, WV. discovered a lack of availability earlier this year from Gravely for this part and asked if we could solve the problem. Gravely used standard hardware items whenever possible in their design as was the case here to guide the spring at the 2 speed axle shift lever that holds the lever in either high or low speed shifted position. They utilized a 1/4" X 3" long threaded eye bolt. As with many things here in America, this eye bolt is no longer produced, therefore Gravely discontinued the part. At the last listing from Gravely, the list price was over $30. How ridiculous is that for what might be a $.50 bolt back in the day when thousands were produced at a time.

Our Solution

Our guide pin is designed to replace the 1/4" X 3" long threaded eye bolt. In as much as the threaded portion of the eye bolt was actually not needed other than to thread two nuts on to create a shoulder to back up the spring, we designed a pin to work more smoothly without the thread and added a centering washer to locate the pin though the mounting bracket. Since we were machining a custom part, we could design it to better suit the application. The new pin is more like a shouldered 3/8" eye bolt size (minus the thread) with a 1/4" toggle hole. The same spring can be used with our pin design as with the OEM eye bolt.

By adding the centering washer, the 17/32" clearance hole in the mounting bracket is effectively extended toward the spring 3/16" and confined down to a 3/8" hole that rocks up and down with the eye bolt pin as it is shifted from one speed to the other. The conical shape of the centering washer maintains a centered location of the pin through the bracket hole as it rocks on the curved side of the mounting bracket.

Through our research of this part, it was noted that at times some folk felt the need to extend the length of the 1/4" eye bolt because it would fall out of the bracket during shifting. Either this was because of unequal adjustment of the shift travel or inconsistent fabrication of the bracket at the factory or just the sloppy way the eye bolt passed through the bracket hole. If either scenario is true, the controlling affect of the centering washer should help correct the problem. This new guide pin works great in our sample tractor.

Offered here as a kit, containing the pin, centering washer, spring, cotter pin and a standard 1/4" washer will enable you to rebuild your spring guide assembly.

This spring guide pin assembly kit is another innovative after market Gravely product from Cogan Valley Machine Co.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

1 comment:

  1. I just installed one of these on my 73L. Looks great and works very well. A nice well made part. Thanks.

    Matt Bergin


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