Gravely Old Style 40/50 inch Mower Blade Spindle Shaft


Description for the Gravely
Old Style 40/50 inch Mower Blade Spindle Shaft

This vertical spindle shaft fits the 40 or 50 inch 3 blade finish mower decks for the Gravely 4 wheel rider tractors. This spindle shaft has a tapered end with a woodruff key where the keyed blade hub fits on. This keyed hub is an improvement over the original that was tapered but not keyed. The lack of the key permitted the hub to spin on the shaft and at times caused a failure. The later style of this shaft used a very fine spline to hold the blade hub.

As with most of my shafting parts, this shaft is made from grade 4140 (chrome-moly) steel, making it stronger and tougher than the original. The shaft has been hardened and has a grind finish throughout.

Supplied with 2 new required woodruff keys and 2 new 5/8 nyloc nuts.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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