Gravely Quick Hitch 4 Stud Reinforcement Retainer Plate


The Back Story

While we were out to the Dave Antram's Gravely Swap Meet in September, '09 we were asked if we could solve a problem with the studs of the quick hitch. The "Gravely" design allowed one or more of the studs to bend under the forces developed by the attachment, such as a snow blower, that would rest against the tilt limit bushing on the stud. "Gravely's" solution to this problem was to put a plate across two studs after you slid the attachment (such as the snow blower) on the horn. This took away from the "quick hitch" concept because you had to unbolt the plate before you could remove the attachment again. Our mission was to design a plate to bridge across two or more of the studs behind the attachment, thus reinforcing the studs enough to curtail the bending problem and keeping the "quick hitch concept. We believe we have met the challenge with this superb offering.

Description for the Gravely Quick Hitch 4 Stud Reinforcement Retainer Plate

This 1/4" thick plate doesn't sit on top of the quick hitch casting. Its shape goes around it sitting back in the stud pockets. With the standard hex studs, the plate would extend beyond the casting surface between 1/8" & 3/16". In most cases, this will clear the attachment. In some cases it will not. If not, we offer an optional modified hex stud ( with a shorter hex portion) to allow the plate surface to fall behind the casting surface.

The plate has received black Powder Coat Paint for a durable finish.

This 4 Stud Reinforcement Retainer Plate is used instead of the 2 Stud Reinforcement Retainer Plate in cases where multiple studs need supported, or, one or more of the upper studs need supported with use of one of our Cogan Valley Machine Exclusive Design Quick Hitch Adapters utilizing the push plate.

This plate will fit in either of the adapter boxes for shipment if purchased together.

Thank you for your consideration.

1 comment:

  1. The four stud retainer plate and bushing works great with the quick hitch snow blower. If nothing else it is cheap insurance by preventing the destruction of the expensive and hard to get universal joint by preventing the blower from swiveling. It is a great improvement over Gravely's fix that made the quick hitch into a slow hitch.


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