Gravely Quick Hitch Non Powered Attachment Adapter

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The Back Story

While we were at the Gravely Club meeting last in October, '09 after seeing our first generation of the Quick Hitch Blade Adapter, club board member Steve Sample asked if we could develop an adapter to allow a home made cart to utilize the quick hitch. He thought such an adapter could be used for other Gravely attachments as well, instead of the four bolt mounting directly on the machine. He wanted to quickly go from a log splitter to the cart, both utilizing the quick hitch. We believe we have met the challenge with this superb offering.

Description for the 2nd generation
Gravely Quick Hitch
Non Powered Attachment Adapter

This adapter will allow you to connect any non-powered attachment such as a tool bar, home made cart, dump scoop, or wheel barrow, with a flat Gravely 4-bolt mounting surface, to a quick hitch, mounted to the Model L or newer walk behind Gravely. The Gravely wheel barrow would need the lift handle changed slightly to work over the hood as this adapter extends the attachment about 6in. The possibilities are up to you.

This unit offered, has several value added features:

The main parts have received Powder Coat Paint for a durable finish with stock colors of a close match to gravely orange or black. First come first serve on color choice. Notify us of your choice of color upon auction end or checkout.

As of Oct. 22,'10
2 black units and 1 unit of Gravely orange available.

The adapter will allow the attachment to swing or tilt free on the horn to adjust to uneven ground .
The adapter can be locked ridged, in a level position. Either mode achieved by a center web of the weldment coming to rest against stop blocks mounted on the two lower quick hitch studs. Depending on the application, the stop blocks can be turned to one of three positions using either end or the side of the block that allows varying amounts of swing to achieve either full centered lock, a moderate swing, or a full swing to the studs.

A drop leg has been incorporated into the design that will enable the attachment to remain upright and supported after you have disconnected from the power unit, thus allowing ease to reconnect the next time, sparing your back with the effort of manhandling the unit into position. This feature also could come in handy when storing your attachment, for example a two wheeled cart.

A push plate has been provided to provide support and remove any pressures of the attachment on the quick hitch horn, thus, allowing the horn to just carry the weight of the attachment. This is done with an adjustable push bar mounted to the weldment, thus, transferring any rearward forces back against the quick hitch casting instead of a bending force on the horn. The lack of this support has caused some horns to bend under the stress of some attachment such as snow blowers. With this innovative design, the horn only carries the weight of the attachment straight down. The same plate we use for our 2 stud reinforcement retainer plate is used for this push plate. Optionally, our 4 stud reinforcement retainer plate can be used as the push plate instead of this 2 stud reinforcement retainer plate if any of the upper studs need supported to curtail bending or breaking.

A pin has been added on the side of the unit to hang the hardware items not used when the unit is stored to avoid misplacement.
We have tried to think of everything possible to make this adapter, easy and a joy to use.

Gravely has never offered anything like this.

Our offering includes all the parts shown on the table in the last picture plus other related hardware as a complete kit.

If you are using a snow blower or other attachment with the tilt limit bushing installed on one of the upper studs in combination with this adapter, it is recommended you purchase our horseshoe shaped 4 stud reinforcement retainer plate. For an additional $10.00 when you purchase this adapter, we will send you the 4 stud plate instead of the standard 2 stud plate to act as the push plate. This serves to reinforce the 4 studs when using the tilt limit bushing for the snow blower.

We offer an optional modified hex stud (with a shorter hex portion) to allow the stud reinforcing retainer plate surface to fall behind the casting surface and therefore getting the stud reinforcing retainer plate back behind the travel of the teardrop shaped tilt limit plate of the snow blower or other attachment.

Read more about any of the above mentioned optional items in its own offering description.

Call me at (570)998-9484 or E-mail at and tell me of your set up and I can supply all the proper parts needed to maximize the operation of your other Gravely quick hitch attachments in combination with this adapter.

Not included in this offering would be the L model tractor, the quick hitch, or the tool bar used in the pictures to illustrate a possible use of the offered adapter.

Some pictures for illustration of this item are of the prototype model.

Some features subject to change without notice for a better design.

This adapter fits nicely and will be shipped in a medium flat rate box with professionally fitted packing to insure your new parts will arrive in new condition. Therefore, in most cases, this item will ship separately and will not combine with other items. Inquire as to what few items might fit in this same box.

An illustrated instruction manual is provided for this adapter and may be mailed under separate cover.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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