Gravely Rotary Cultivator Dirt Seal Bushing #12480


Description of the Gravely
Rotary Cultivator Dirt Seal Bushing #12480

This bushing is the equivalent replacement of the current "Gravely" produced part #12480.

This bushing is located on the tine shaft at the gear case; one on each side, thus utilizing a total of two. Subjected to a heavy dose of dirt and grit, the grease/dirt seal runs on this renewable surface, thus when worn, sparring the replacement of the entire tine shaft. Upon renewal of the seal, this bushing should be replaced as well. This bushing is flat and smooth on the outer seal surface. It should not have a groove or depression worn into this surface as this condition will prevent the new seal to work properly.

As with a large number of products offered by Cogan Valley Machine Co, this part is made of grade 4140 steel.

This bushing has been hardened and the seal surface ground to a good finish.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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