5 Web Sales + Policies

We have set up our website simply, not giving in to "slick", sparing the customer of the pricing that generally goes along with "slick". Our policies are straight forward as well.

Purchase Options:

We offer two basic methods to purchase our products as further explained below: Auction Inc. shopping cart in association with PayPal checkout or phone and email orders.

PayPal Shopping Cart & Checkout:

We have used PayPal for years with our eBay sales. We like it. Many people use it and are familiar with it. It seemed like a good choice for our website sales. We had a problem with the PayPal shipping calculator. It was overcharging the shipping cost. We have found a better shopping cart that calculates shipping cost with greater definition.

The program we found is by Auction Inc. It is designed to work with Paypal for a seamless checkout. The checkout is easy. You can view your shopping cart at any time from any page using the link on the right and then return for more shopping. You can change quantities before you go to checkout. By adding your destination zip code, you can see your shipping cost for a variety of shipping services. They will be listed in order of cost. From there, you can go back and change your order or choose either to use your PayPal account or a credit card to complete your purchase. 

Phone and Email Order Sales:

For those of you who wish to order over the phone  (570)998-9484 or by email ironworker@chilitech.net, we can handle your needs in that manner as well. This method will offer an exact calculation for shipping cost since each order is prepared manually, therefore evaluated for the best shipping method based on its contents. After an order is taken, the shipping cost will be calculated. We will then send an invoice though PayPal to the customer's email address. The customer can choose either to use a credit card or their PayPal account to pay the invoice. Upon receipt of payment the order will be sent out.

Shipping Carriers & Cost:

The shopping cart shipping calculator now works with both weight (down to the partial oz.) and volume together with the actual shipper’s rates to determine the cost. In many cases, it has the ability to choose the type of packaging to best suite the need. From the drop down list, you can choose the carrier and package cost that best works for you.

Whenever possible, we prefer to ship with either USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail. Generally, for small parts of less than 13oz., we like to ship for less with USPS 1st Class. We can use USPS Priority flat rate boxes to ship what may amount to quite a number of items if the order combination works out. But some of our items are much larger and not able to combine ship very well. In some of those cases, we were able to assign specific shipping cost.

 As we hate to pay anymore than we have too for shipping cost, we want to extend the same consideration to you. We want to give you the best shipping cost possible to receive your order without requiring us to raise the parts price, and still be fair to ourselves. As with the eBay item shipping, we will generally add $1.00 to $6.00 to our shipping cost charge to cover packaging time, packing material plus other variables such as International mailing. Some of these added costs are specifically mentioned in the item description for special packaging.

Unlike eBay, that allowed for a corrected invoice to be sent before payment to lower shipping cost, website sales is pretty well automatic and immediate. For our eBay sales, if an item is paid for immediately, our general business practice has been to reimburse shipping cost overpayment back through PayPal when possible. For website sales, the structure of PayPal easily allows for this same procedure, either if you checkout using your Pay Pal account or your credit card.

 If you use a credit card, our side of the transaction sees a two step process. The money paid to us is "held" till we "capture" it. We commonly have three days to "capture" our money. We can choose to "capture" less than the full amount. Money we do not "capture" is released back to you. This would be one way to "refund you" shipping cost overpayment. The other would be as we do for our eBay customers using PayPal.

During checkout, if you would like to give us any special instruction to ship your order, PayPal provides an area for customer notes to the seller.

Shipping Information:

Communication is key; we try to keep in touch through the entire transaction process to keep you informed of its progress. When shipping an item, whenever possible, a tracking number will be included, and supplied to you, so you may track the shipment as well. This will generally be via PayPal through their order detail page.

We will try to follow up after the sale and delivery, to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Included with the invoice for the sale, combined with the various interim emails, you will have all the contact information needed to communicate with us however you choose (phone, e-mail, or snail-mail). :-)

Our Packaging Policy:

The items for shipment are packaged as well as possible. We do this as we would like our item packaged that we receive. We understand that we cannot be responsible for shipper's damage after the package departs our mail room, but we do have a responsibility to package to the best of our ability to avoid unnecessary damage.

For 1st Class mailing, to cut down on cost to the customer, we generally use bubble pack envelopes to keep the mailing as lightweight as possible if the item supports it. For the heavier items, we use mailing boxes with appropriate packing material to cushion the item on its journey to you. Our experience tells us, packages survive the journey best when packed as tight as possible, especially for the heavier items.

Our 14 Day Return Policy:

Buyer (you) must notify seller (us) of problem first to evaluate the best course of action to resolve issue. If a return is called for, product must be returned in same good marketable condition as was sold. Product must be packaged as well as the original shipment. Buyer must pay for return shipping cost. Any return must be within 14 days of receipt of goods, postage prepaid. In most instances, since the sale would most likely have been through the PayPal shopping cart checkout, any refund will only be of the product sale price, issued as a credit back to you through PayPal or as a company check mailed to you. Seller may return shipping fees under limited circumstances, at sellers consideration, subject to product inspection.

30 Day Warranty:

We stand behind our manufactured products. If within 30 days of purchase, a product, manufactured by Cogan Valley Machine (us), is found to be defective of material or workmanship, subject to inspection, we will replace that item, at no charge to you, upon pre-authorized return of the defective product postage prepaid. This warranty is void if misuse or abuse is found.

If only a part of an assembly is defective, only that part will be replaced. The entire assembly should not be returned. If our labor is involved to dis-assemble or install a defective part of a non defective assembly, prevailing labor rates will be charged.

Any returns must be pre-approved. Under limited circumstances, the return of a defective item may not be required.