3. Our Products & Services

Here at Cogan Valley Machine, we manufacture a variety of machined parts along with various welded products.

Click here for our list of offered engine rebuild services.

Click here for our Current Exclusive Cogan Valley Machine Co., made for the Gravely Tractor, After Market Product List as of Sept. 2010:

Click here for our other Cogan Valley Machine Offered Gravely OEM After Market Parts:

This list is constantly growing. We are endeavoring to keep up with demand for our quality parts. At times our stock is depleted before the next production run is available. We do not list all available items at all times on E-bay. Contact us of your needs or for price and availability if not currently listed as an offering. We gladly take suggestions of other needed Gravely items we might produce. When viable, we will consider production.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.