2. About Us and History

A. About Larry Schmohl

Note:  Larry Schmohl of Cogan Valley Machine, is the Coganironworker on eBay.

About Me:
What everyone should know about me:
I am currently 54 years old and have been a machinist for 36 years. I have a small machine shop and manufacture a few after market parts for some old equipment, mostly Gravely, that have been discovered to be scarce or are found to be way too expensive.

Things I sell:
Most of my selling activity centers around Gravely after-market parts and other related items. Among these items are exclusive Cogan Valley Machine Co., made for the Gravely tractor, after market products. The list of product is constantly growing. We are endeavoring to keep up with demand for our quality parts. At times our stock is depleted before the next production run is available. 

We do not list all available items at all times on E-bay. Contact us of your needs or for price and availability if not currently listed as an offering. We gladly take suggestions of other needed Gravely items we might produce. When viable, we will consider production.

Languages spoken:

I'm into model railroading and tractor pulling among other things.

B. About Jerry Schmohl

About Me:
There has been a long line of German craftsmen in the Schmohl family. The current "Schmohl Twins" are no different. We certainly don't come up short when it comes to working out some sort of mechanical or similar problem. As for myself, I started out in sales straight out of High School. After the momentum of the machine shop reached a level that Larry needed help, I stepped in. Together, through various market ups and downs, we have taken the business to its current activity.

C. About Cogan Valley Machine Co. 

Cogan Valley Machine Co. started out as a small machine job shop in 1977 servicing the local community with production parts and repairs. One of our customers, a local coal and oil boiler manufacturer, we have had for over thirty years, making all of the mechanical parts needed for their products. Now a days, our business has expanded to include Internet sales, namely eBay, serving the world of Gravely owners with quality after market parts among others. 

Due to the nature of this "factory direct" selling, parts are many times offered at great savings over normal retail pricing. Also, as discontinued items are discovered, production of those needed parts are offered. Together, we are adding to this endeavor almost on a daily basis.

We only know how to do business one way; with integrity and fairness. We have been consumers for quite a few years and have never forgotten what its like to be on that side of the transaction table. So we consider that experience through every sales transaction we make. Therefore, we consider every customer, as though we, were the customer.

We live and operate our business in Cogan Station, PA; a wide spot in the road, located 6 miles north of Williamsport, PA; the home of Little League Baseball. I say a wide spot in the road because while traveling though, if you blink twice, you'll likely miss it.

D. Our eBay Business

As with our Cogan Valley Machine business, we extend this thinking to our eBay business as well. The Coganironworker (our eBay name) has had over eight-hundred transactions through eBay auctions with a 100% positive feedback rating thus far. The experiences of those transaction have covered the full spectrum. We have had many very enjoyable transactions and we have had a few that have not gone so well. We understand what is required to do successful eBay.

Shipping information:
Communication is key; we try to keep in touch through the entire transaction process to keep you informed of its progress. When shipping an item, whenever possible, a tracking number will be included, and supplied to you, so you may track the shipment as well.

We will try to follow up after the sale and delivery, to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Included with the invoice for the sale, combined with the various interim emails, you will have all the contact information needed to communicate with us however you choose (phone, e-mail, or snail-mail).

If the item for sale is for local pickup only, unlike some other eBayer's auction listings, the location of the item will be noted right there in the auction listing, so you may easily evaluate your travel distance before you bid. You will not need to guess where in the country it might be.

Our Packaging Policy:
The items for shipment are packaged as well as possible. We do this as we would like our item packaged that we receive. We understand that we cannot be responsible for shipper's damage after the package leaves our hands, but we do have a responsibility to package to the best of our ability to avoid unnecessary damage.

Sad to say; but some eBayers do not consider this packaging part of the sale as important (they figure you're on your own, when it comes to shipper's damage, regardless of how poorly your item was packaged).

Return Policy:
Buyer must notify seller of problem first. Product must be in good marketable condition and must be packaged as well as the original shipment. Buyer must pay for return shipping. Seller may return shipping fees at sellers consideration.
About Feedback:
We consider feedback an important part of the eBay process. We will leave fair and appropriate feedback, accurately reflecting how the transaction has gone, after the sales transaction has concluded and same has been received from you, our valued customer.

Our customers are important to us, therefore, customer service is job one.  You will find that all these issues bare out as you read the various posted feedback that this Coganironworker has received.

E. Our Future Business

Now its time to take the business to the next level with website exposure. Our goal here is to develop a means for our non eBay customers to gain access to our after market parts. Additionally, this website will help find new customers for the other half of our machine shop business.