Gravely 800/8000 Series Snow Blade / Dozer Mounting Brackets

Description for the
800/8000 Series
Snow Blade / Dozer Mounting Brackets

These brackets bolt to the drive axle of the 800/8000 series four wheel tractor to support the back end of the snow plow/dozer blade assembly.

The latches are made to work more smoothly than the original with a cam lock design to pull the latch bar back into the lock position more easily and are installed on the outside of the main bracket for more accessible operation.

Cogan Valley Machine Exclusive Value Added Feature:

Another feature has been added to this production run of the bar latch to make it easier to load the dozer frame into the brackets. Now it is possible to load the frame into the brackets using a more hands free effort (and therefore safer) with a self opening and self closing action of the latch as the dozer frame latch bar passes under it to the lock position. This is do to the latch's innovative shape and the addition of a stop pin installed on the bottom of the bracket to prevent the bar latch from swinging below its bar lock position.

The brackets are made 25% heavier than the original from Gravely.

They have received a Powder Coat Paint for a durable finish.

As we have determined many times in the past, it usually takes little effort to improve on a product to make it better or work easier.

These are offered as an assembled kit, ready to install to your tractor so you can now plow snow or dozer dirt and stone with your 800 or 8000 series tractor.

Provided with this kit are 4 new required longer mounting bolts.

The Gravely parts catalog price for this kit is over $90.00.

Thank you for considering Cogan Valley Machine for your Gravely after-market parts & products.

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