Gravely Model L Starter Clutch Removal Socket

$34.95 + PRIORITY


Manufactured by Cogan Valley Machine Co., this special purpose tool is used on the Gravely Model L T Head Engine to remove the starter clutch bolt on the rear of the crankshaft.

Available in two hex drive sizes; it measures 15/16" or 1-1/8" across the flats for a driving socket to be used with this special purpose tool.

The driving socket can be a standard 6 point socket (an impact socket will work best).

We made these in both hex drive sizes because not everyone has the larger set of sockets. Choose the size that will work best with your tool set.

With a good air impact, this tool works a lot better than using an open end wrench and hitting it with a hammer!!! That method has been known to bend the rear crank shaft.

This special purpose tool is made of grade 4140 steel "chrome-moly" and is hardened and drawn to be tough and durable.

I've been told that many years ago, the last manufacturer of this type of tool produced some that were not particularly hard and therefore did not hold up very well.

Now might be a good time to replace that old worn out tool with a quality Cogan Valley Machine produced starter clutch removal socket.

Upon purchase, please let us know which hex drive size you would like shipped.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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