Gravely Kohler Powered 2 Wheeled Tractor Strut Brace


The Back Story

Over the past year, we have been asked a couple of times if we could make a strut brace fashioned after the Gravely version that was more reasonably priced.
At a MSRP of $78, we thought we could shave a few dollars off.
Listed here at less than half, how successful were we?

This Gravely Kohler Powered 2 Wheeled Tractor Strut Brace was introduced at the 2010 Mow-In in May and was met with high interest and brisk sales.

Description for the Gravely
Kohler Powered 2 Wheeled Tractor Strut Brace

This Gravely Kohler Powered 2 Wheeled Tractor Strut Brace is designed to mount to the tongue of the cart, roller, or similar trailing attachment and slip into the upper hitch bar to support the machine level when nothing is attached to the front to hold that end down. Its function is the same as the roller rest used on the "L" models.

If not done already, a half inch mounting hole will need to be drilled in the tongue of your cart, roller or other similar trailing attachment to bolt the small end of the strut. This strut has the same hole spacing and is the equivalent replacement of the OEM strut. The two required bolts are supplied with the strut to create a complete install kit.

Note: It has been called to our attention that the Gravely printed illustration of this product shows a clevis pin for the mounting hole to the tractor. We purchased a new currently produced "Gravely" kit to use as our pattern that included a 5/8" bolt for this function. Apparently, the kit was supplied both ways over the years. A Gravely dealer friend of ours tells us the bolt makes for a better install because it lessens the amount of free play between the strut and the tractor, thereby making the setup more ridged.

If desired, the clevis pin is available upon request.

These Strut Braces are supplied painted black, but can be painted over, by you, to match your machine if you desire. We decided that since there's a variety of machine and attachment colors, black might be the best paint color choice. The sample pictured in this offering is in primer paint to show more detail.

Some features subject to change without notice for a better design.

Thank you for your consideration.

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