Gravely Tool Bar Cultivator Depth Adjusting Nut.

$9.00 each + PRIORITY

Description for the
Gravely Tool Bar Cultivator Depth Adjusting Nut

Many of these get ruined during dis-assembly of a very rusty tool bar assembly.

This and other tool bar parts are no longer available except by those few dealers that may have some old stock but the pricing has put most out of reach.

This depth adjusting nut is #19 on the Gravely parts list.

The depth adjusting nut is used with the depth adjusting screw #16 to position the depth of the forward wheels.

This nut is made of leaded screw stock steel which makes for a smoother thread for the screw to operate.

We at Cogan Valley Machine Company have manufactured many of the repair parts for the tool bar so you can get that old rusty thing back to it's good operating condition.

Thank you for considering Cogan Valley Machine for your Gravely after-market parts & products.

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