Gravely Brush Hog/30 in Mower 1/2 Round Skid Bar Set.




The Back Story

This type of metal is very much a premium today in the USA. For many months I could not find it and I began to think I would not be able to offer these anymore. I finally found one mill still rolling it but the price has increased 40%.
What I'm offering are like the skids that Gravely originally offered years ago, but probably due to the declining availability and greatly increasing price, no longer do.

Description for the Cogan made for Gravely
Brush Hog/30 in Mower 1/2 Round Skid Bar Set

Made of hot rolled steel, the 1/2 Round Skid offered here fits the 30 inch Brush Hog, the 30 inch Mower, or the 40 inch Commercial Mower. On the 40 inch commercial mower, the skids wrap tightly up around the frame in front .

You are purchasing a complete set (as in 2, a pair, a left and a right), including mounting bolts and washers.

The 1/2 Round Extension Skid Bar Set used with the front extension or the chain guard added to the 30 inch mower are 4 inches longer than standard and have a third threaded hole for mounting.

If needed, the extension set is available for $10.00 more than the standard set.

The Benefit Advantage

The 1/2 round skids will glide across the ground very easily when turning unlike the flat bar offered by Gravely.

Whereas flat bar skids tend to scalp the grass and take more effort to turn the machine.

There is a value added feature with our skids

They are rounded over at the ends to lessen the chance of getting snagged on them when you walk around the front of the mower.

Thank you for your consideration.

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