Gravely 4 Bolt Quick Hitch Horn Assembly


The Back Story

This Cogan Valley Machine innovative design Quick Hitch 4 Bolt Horn Assembly is an equivalent replacement of the Gravely issued part which has not been offered in more than 10 years. Prompted by the need to obtain one of these for ourselves and inspired by the later design of Gravely's Quick Hitch Adapter, we set out to develop a 4 bolt version that was more economical to replace. At a MSRP of over $90.00, when last this horn was available from Gravely, we knew something could be done. There have been used horns going for that much or more on eBay. Our solution was a renewable 2 pc. 4 bolt horn design.

Description for the Cogan made for Gravely
4 Bolt Quick Hitch Horn Assembly

The base mounting block, made from 1018CRS has a tapered hole machined to accept a standard horn as used in the later model adapter and is prime painted after assembly.

For this assembly, we utilize our own manufactured Quick Hitch Horn that we sell separately for the later model adapter. As with most of our shafting products where extra strength is required, this is made of 4140 steel (chrome-moly). It has a grind finish where it slips into your attachment.

Furnished as a complete assembled kit, it is supplied with all necessary hardware including the 4 mounting bolts.

The Benefit Advantage

If you could manage to bend this horn you can remove just the horn and replace it with a standard one. Wow!!!
The boys at Cogan Valley Machine Co hit a home run with this one.

Offered here is an innovative modular system you need only purchase one time. The next time, if repair is needed, will only require the less expensive plain horn to insert into the 4 bolt mounting block.

Thank you for your consideration.

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