Gravely Model L Rod Crank Pin Bearing


Description for the
Gravely Model L Rod Crank Pin Bearing

The crank pin is located between the fly-weights of the model "L" crank shaft. The connecting rod runs on this pin. The crank pin bearing is press fit into the big end of the connecting rod

This item is made of bearing bronze.

The stock standard size of the rod bearing journal is 1.500". The ID of the bearing is .005" to .010" undersized to allow for a "fit" to the journal after pressing into the rod.


Through our experience with these "L" engines, we found that many of the used connecting rods vary in size mostly due to the hammering affect or spun bearing. It would be wise to carefully measure for your particular needs. It may be necessary to re-size the connecting rod. We have decided to hold out a few of these crank pin bearings in a semi-finish condition to custom size the OD to order.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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