Gravely 400/800/8000 series Headlight Lens Kit


The Back Story

As with many of the Gravely parts we have developed of late, this item evolved from our own need to replace a couple of these lenses on our riders. Added to our own need was the various request from our customers over the past year. This is a good example of the importance of customer input for the need of replacement parts, either due to excessive price or discontinued from Gravely. Again, WE HAVE ANSWERED THE CALL!!

Once again, we have taken an item with a current MSRP of over $60 and cut it to much more reasonable with factory direct pricing.

Description for the
Gravely 400/800/8000 series Headlight Lens Kit

This headlight lens fits the 3 bulb light found in the cast grill of the 400, 800, 8000 series 4 wheel riding tractor. The "G" or 9000 series take a larger lens, therefore this lens will not fit. Many time these become brittle and crack due to sun exposure over the years or break from some sort of impact. This leaves the bulbs exposed to the elements, shortening their life.

We have been told and have seen for ourselves that some folk have tried to fix these lenses themselves (mostly because of the OEM replacement part pricing) by making replacements from a ceiling light diffuser panel with very short term results. Diffuser panels are only, at best, 1/16" thick made of acrylic plastic, not lexan. Though a cheap fix, acrylic plastic is quite brittle and not very forgiving of the slightest impact. Lexan is used for airplane and speedboat windshields for example. For this headlight application, lexan is the best choice available. You know, if there was a better choice for the money, Cogan Valley Machine would use it.

This lens is an equivalent replacement of the OEM item  #11289 with the same 1/8" thick prismatic lexan material.

We did manage to improve on the OEM lens a little.

We made our lens slightly larger. The OEM lens fit rather sloppily in the grill casting allowing small critters like bees to get in and nest in the light cavity. We tried to tighten up the edges of the lens to the casting as best we could to lessen the crack around the lens.

Also, supplied as a kit, we include replacement #10-24 mounting screws with neoprene rubber layered steel washers to cushion the lens some, lessening the stresses around the screw hole.

For a little extra protection in transit, single item purchase of this lens is shipped in a Priority flat rate envelope with extra card stock stiffening, labeled FRAGILE-DO NOT BEND. A multiple item sale is shipped in a Priority box. For first class mail, the lens will ship in a bubble pack envelope.

Available Soon as an Optional Add-on Kit:
We will have a replacement for the spring steel clips used inside the light cavity to mount the lens. These replacements will be made of a durable delrin plastic instead of the spring steel clips that many times become quite rusty and/or break.

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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  1. Just installed the headlight lens kit on an 8000 series tractor. Fit is great and really liked the washers. Your attention to detail is appreciated. RMR


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