Gravely Model L T Head Engine Valve Keeper "C" Clip


The Back Story

With the help of Galen Suiter of Alabama, a long time Gravely mechanic, collector and a friend to the boys at Cogan Valley Machine Co, his research made it possible that we were able to find a match for the Gravely valve specs. While doing this research, it was also discovered the need for the valve keeper.

The Problem

The problem has been the price of the valve keeper, not that they were unavailable from Gravely. Now as to the price; we have found the OEM Gravely valve keeper "C" clip selling for more that $22.00 each. That is why we needed to fix the problem.

The boys at Cogan Valley Machine Co now have;

"Problem Solved"

Description for the
Gravely Model L T Head Engine
Valve Keeper "C" Clip

The valve keeper is used to retain the spring washer to the valve. It is located at the base of the valve, inserted into a slot on the valve stem, setting in the cup of the spring washer. The OEM part is stamp formed and hardened.

The Cogan Valley Machine equivalent replacement is machined from
grade 4140 chrome-moly steel bar stock. After machining the valve keeper "C" clip is tumbled then hardened through to 56RC.

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Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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