Gravely Model L or C Shipper Shaft Support Guide

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Description for the
Gravely Model L or C
Shipper Shaft Support Guide

The shipper shaft support guide is located at the base of the shipper shaft assembly mounted on the advance casting of the models "L", "C", and 500, 5000 series two wheel tractors, plus the 400 series 4 wheel rider tractor. These shipper shaft support guides were machined with two different size mounting holes, either for 1/4" or 5/16" mounting bolts, subject to the model it was installed. Its function is to hold the shipper shaft as it rotates 180 degrees, transmitting motion through to the trunnion block which controls the PTO clutch. For the model "L" style, the end positions of the rotation are controlled by detents machined into the surface of the support guide. The shipper shaft body has a corresponding pocket in its underside for a spring and steel ball that engages the detents to help lock it into either of its two operating location. These shipper shaft assemblies were operated one of two ways; either with a short handle threaded into the shipper shaft body or with a control rod or lever located at the operator position.

Similar to the chrome-moly steel we typically use for shafting, this shipper shaft support guide is made of 1144 steel, a free machining alloy with properties for toughness and strength. The cast steel OEM support guides tend to bend or twist under the stress of the assembly operation. Some models use a plastic support guide. The Cogan Valley Machine product is machined from a solid blank, cut from bar stock. Though involving more machine time, this process has yielded a stronger and therefore, better product.

Cause for replacement fall to two basic reasons. The shipper shaft bearing area or the detents are either worn, or the guide has bent or warped creating a mis-alignment to the PTO clutch adversely affecting its operation.

This is an equivalent replacement of the OEM guide #10687 and can interchange with the guides not using the detent ball.

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