Gravely Model L #69 Trunnion Block


Description for the
Gravely Model L #69 Trunnion Block

The trunnion block is located at the base of the shipper shaft and is part of the shipper shaft assembly that is mounted on the advance casting of the models "L", "C", and 500, 5000 series two wheel tractors, plus the 400 series 4 wheel rider tractor. These trunnion blocks were made in two styles subject to the model it was installed. The most common, the #69, has a cross section of 1/4" high X 1/2" wide. The other, used in some later models has a cross section of 1/2" square and a notch milled in each of its ends. Its function is to transmit motion from the shipper shaft to control the PTO clutch. The trunnion block "floats" in a groove in the PTO clutch while the PTO is spinning and slips onto the lower "small" pin of the shipper shaft. It pushes against either side of the PTO clutch groove to shift the clutch in or out.

This trunnion block is made of tool steel. It has been hardened throughout for strength and wear resistance.

Cause for replacement fall to two basic reasons. The trunnion block bearing area has worn excessively against the PTO clutch, adversely affecting its operation. The other, a worse case failure, the trunnion block has become dis-lodged on the small pin end of the shipper shaft, allowing the PTO clutch to wear into the small pin, rendering it unable to properly operate the clutch.

There are operators among you who do not understand that a trunnion block is needed to shift the PTO or have unwittingly lost the block in the gear case while changing attachments. If you are having trouble shifting the PTO clutch, this may be the cause.

This is an equivalent replacement of the OEM item #12601.

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