Gravely Model 106 Vertical Brush Hog / 30" Mower Spindle Blade Shaft


The Back Story

This is the shaft that started it all with Gravely parts.

Back in '03 I needed a new spindle shaft for my brush hog. After a little research I discovered they cost well over $100. Since I have a machine shop, I thought I could make a shaft cheaper. Considering I never do anything halfway, I got some grade 4140 steel shafting to improve on the strength of the shaft. Thinking I might need another one later for my other 30" mower, I decided to make a few while I was at it. After they were machined, I thought, if I needed one of these, maybe someone else might as well.

eBay was moving along pretty good back then in early '04, so I figured I'd give it a try to pass one of the extra shaft along. Well that one sold pretty fast. I decided to make a few more and it didn't take long for those to sell as well. I must have something people want. I got the shaft!!

Shortly after making a full production run to sell, of what a bar length would yield, Richard's Lawn & Garden emailed to see what I might do for him if he purchased a couple of these. From that time till now, as they say, is history. That email marked the beginning of what now has been a 6 year working relationship supplying him with various parts to distribute around the world. Richard among others, since that beginning, have suggested many needed Gravely parts to manufacture. This one shaft has grown into a major part of the Cogan Valley Machine shop business.

To date, there are more than 150 of these shafts out in the marketplace on repaired or rebuild mower decks. Many of the members of the Gravely Club of America are using these shafts and think they are much better than the original.

Description for the Gravely
Model 106 Vertical Brush Hog /
30" Mower Spindle Blade Shaft

This vertical spindle shaft fits the model 106 cast housing found on the 30" brush hog and 30" finish mower for the Gravely 2 wheel walk behind tractors.

This shaft will not fit the left hand brush hog / mower.

As with most of my shafting parts, this shaft is made from grade 4140 (chrome-moly) steel, making it stronger and tougher than the original. It has a grind finish on all close fit areas.

A new castle nut and woodruff key is included.

The newer version of this shaft has a milled keyway added to the bottom of the shaft for a keyed blade washer. Some dealers suggest not using the keyed washer as they have caused some failures to these shafts. If you require the keyway style shaft, We will mill the keyway on a per order basis before shipment.

The grease seal for this shaft is available for separate purchase.

The heavy blade nyloc jam nut for this shaft is available for separate purchase. 

Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts.

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