Gravely Model L High Hood Hinge Repair Kit



This hinge repair kit is for the Model L electric start high hood. No other kit has ever been offered that can repair the enlarged side holes for the hinge pin in your hood side sheet. This kit is offered to repair a problem rather in-expensively for function with basic shop tools. For those who require an OEM look, you will need to repair like an auto body shop.

Cause & Affect

The enlarged holes are created because the OEM hinge pin trim nuts loosen allowing the hinge pin to vibrate in the hole, working the hole larger. The hinge pin was designed to be tight in the sheet metal, thus turning in the battery box bracket only. The 1/4" pin pin should not turn in the hinge tube. This Gravely OEM hinge pin was designed with the two parts because of the availability of the tube material at the time and therefore easier to manufacture. The tube material size is no longer available. We use machine screws threaded into the ends of the hinge pin to secure the hinge pin to the hood.


The kit will cover the worked out mount hole for the hinge pin in the hood sheet metal.

The end cover plates will repair a worked out hole in the hood up to 3/4 inch in diameter.

This hinge pin is designed to center a specially prepared fender washer on the inside of the hood, thus backing up the outer placed fender washer.

The outer cover plates have 2 pre-drilled holes for the hardware provided to lock the location after you have re-aligned the new hinge pin.

Simply use the outer plate as a template and drill through the hood side sheet and inner plate to secure for a neat and permanent repair with your choice of the provided hardware.

Hardware is provided for a choice of installation methods, either machine screws or pop rivets.

For those of you with access to the proper equipment and have the adequate skill set, these fender washers could be welded or braised in place after alignment.

This is a complete repair kit and no other hardware is needed.

 OEM Style Hood Hinge
Gravely has discontinued these parts.

Thank you for your consideration.

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